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We offer personal care services to enhance the lives of our patients and their families.

The personal care services we offer at Highlander Home Health Care, LLC provides hands-on assistance to people who need help with activities of daily living. With the help of our diligent staff and our exceptional services, our patients can be able to live their lives as normal as possible.

We take pride in helping you, your family and friends who are:

  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Physically Ill
  • In need of personal care at home

Here are the services we provide:

Meal Preparation
Our Personal Care Workers will provide our patients with the proper nutrition they need. We make sure that they will eat balanced meals.

Aging and other factors such as injuries and health conditions can make it difficult for people to bathe themselves. Our staff can assist with bathing to keep our patients clean and feeling fresh.

We have staff members who are readily available to help with grooming activities, such as shaving and brushing hair.

Our Personal Care Workers can assist patients with dressing. They make sure to let them wear breathable clothes and shoes for their utmost comfort.

This refers to the act of transferring an individual from one position to another. Our staff members can safely transfer patients with limited mobility from their beds to their couch, and vice versa.

For the elderly, the disabled, and the physically ill, it may be daunting to move around on their own. They may need ambulation services, where our team can help them go up and downstairs, help them with moving around, arrange for transportation, and more.

For those who cannot go to the bathroom because of limited mobility or who cannot control their bladder, our Personal Care Workers can be there to assist. They will let the patients do what they can and from there, they will help with what remains to be done.

Light Housekeeping
Navigating around the house may be difficult for the elderly, disabled, and physically ill if the area is cluttered. It can also affect their health. This is why our PCWs can do some light housekeeping to keep our patients safe in their homes.

We assure that our staff members will uphold our patients’ dignity and privacy. Our team will make sure that their needs are met without sacrificing their independence and comfort.

Think you or your loved ones need our services? For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage you and your patient to check out our application process, and fill out Application for Employment & Client Intake Information. Then you can choose to either drop it off or mail it to our office address.