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Our Executive Team

Get to know the members of our executive team.

Here are the executive team members of Highlander Home Health Care, LLC:

Richard Chao Vang, President/Administrator

Richard C. Vang is a man of honesty and integrity. He prioritizes time accordingly. His family is most important to him. He acts with love and compassion when his family and friends need his time and attention. He provides a warm, safe and loving home. He offers advice and counsel from his heart and mind with love and understanding.

Richard is a successful and effective businessman. He is a person who does what he says and says what he means. He treats everyone with fairness and equality. Richard honors his clients by listening to their wishes, dreams, goals, and desires. He always assures the best service possible to meet the client’s needs and satisfaction. He also acknowledges that all growth comes from change and that most everyone experiences differences when confronted with change.

He has lifelong experiences in the services, community services, social services, healthcare management, and business developments. He also serves in a variety of organizations in local communities and around the state of Wisconsin as a board member, chair and trustee in both private and not for profit organizations.

He is married to a wonderful wife, Yong, and has a beautiful daughter named Gaonukou. He earned an AA Degree in Paralegal, a BS Degree in Business and Business Administration, and an Honorary Degree of Doctor in Humanities. He has received numerous awards, medals, citations, and certificates of appreciation from various organizations and officials.

Yong T. Vang, RN Vice President/Assistant Director of Nursing

Yong Vang is a registered nurse who is compassionate and caring. She puts her patients’ care and safety first above all. Mrs. Vang listens to the needs of the patients and understands them from a personal and professional viewpoint. She has a background in public administration and uses her skills and experience to help maintain Highlander Home Health Care to a high standard as a personal care agency.

Lee Xiong, BSN, RN Director of Nursing/Assistant Administrator

Lee Xiong is a committed professional with many years of experience in the home health care setting and is very knowledgeable in Personal Care policies. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2005 from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She has worked with many different home health agencies before becoming the Director of Nursing/Assistant Administrator for Highlander Home Health Care, LLC in 2011. Her priority is meeting the needs of the patients by providing safe and effective care. The patient’s satisfaction with services is very important to her.

Kangyoua Thao, Director of Human Resouces

Kangyoua brings to Highlander Home Health Care a wide range of experiences. She has more than 10 years of experience in healthcare services, office management, customer services, and direct care to the patients and their families. She works diligently to provide quality personnel to fulfill the needs of the patients.

Yingying (Mandy) Lin, Community Outreach Coordinator

Yingying recently graduated from UW-Whitewater with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in December 2019. She has a passion for promoting and building relationships with the local community. She is mainly working on updating social media and the company website, also she is focusing on reaching out to the community and helping people who are in need of personal care services to get well taken care of, also helping PCW to get paid for doing what they have already been doing, which is taking care of their loved one.